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Thursday, December 31, 2020

america's rainbow identity

80+ Larry Brilliant (T Lis a white American leader of ending pandemics and sharing knowhow he gained in Asia with California's digital wizards. 
Keys to valuing how Americans need to celebrate more Brilliant engineer and less political spin merchants include:
*He grew up as a relatively poor white in detroit; one hot summer day he became giddy while bicycling: he popped into a medical training school, was diagnosed with dehydration, and emerged 6 years later a qualified doctor. In those early 1960s days if youth showed dedication you could train in usa to be a doctor without any huge debt. His first job accompanying the pop group wavy gravy as their medical adviser on a global tour. After a year the group took a month of relaxation with their favorite meditation/consciousness guru in the afghan hills. Even in those most rural areas, the bush gossip heroised the american dream of moon landing- if humans can do that soon no mission would be impossible. 
*Larry stayed in Asia to take on some missions impossible. He was the man to end smallpox on the continent of Asia with manual grassroots networking maps. Over 4 decades later he was the grand prize winner of a ted conference that proposed digital maps designed to mitigate pandemics. That was around 2005 when all of gates, president bush, partners in health ranked this challenge as mans greatest misunderstood risk. He was appointed the first leader of Quite why the AI of virus chasing/tracing was not pursued over the next 15 years with the budgets put into autonomous driving is something to ask the ten richest men of west coast usa or the pension funds that determine investment foci.
Larry in his 80s is still worth tracing on viral twitter advice.

And another side to larry's purposes of health is partnering with asian solutions to end unnecessary blindness.
American identity had become very confused before mr trump stirred the brew. As a statistician I ask you start with rounded population numbers. In 2020 in usa, whites= 60% down 10% from 2010, 18.5% latino, 13% black, 6% asian, 0.75% native american. Mathematically the decline in white population means that the majority of under 16s in usa are now non-white. States as you would expect from history's purchases usa made from the french (lousiana-north), spanish(california) and russians (alaska) vary a lot. Significantly the digital economy led by california has this composition:  39% of state residents are Latino, 36% are white, 15% are Asian or Pacific Islander, 6% are African American, fewer than 1% are Native American or Alaska Natives, and 3% are multiracial or other. Note these are approx population numbers, not wealth numbers. Reputedly, nationwide in terms of wealth 20 white men own more than the 40% of poorest Americans. 

These numbers help explain why it is very unlikely that America will lead the urgent 2020s solutions the world of local communities needs to be sustainable even if it could be leading the science. When you look at worldwide maps , over two thirds of humans are Asian. This includes over a billion people empowered by how Asia and the world's poorest village women have ended poverty since 1970.

It would be wise to assume the 2020s is the last decade for redesigning globalisation directions towards sustainability and valuing community/small enterprise network solutions that Asians have shown the very poorest need to survive. We appeal to wisdom not just on climate and other sdgs 6-17 but basic goals such as 2 end starvation, 3 end pandemics and unnecessary deaths of infants and mothers, value livelihood education.  And although some people argue this urgency on grounds of conflicts betwen nature and humans; as biographers of von neumann we argue this in terms of 2020s being the defining decade for whether we humanise ai or not. Humanisng ai starts with einstein principle; how micro is the data whose dynamics are being analysed. One reason humans have had so much difficulty in ending covid is all of this virus would reputedly fit in a coca-cola can. Chaos is a branch of maths theory: i suggests its important that its oft-quoted metaphor of the amazonian butterfly flapping its wing impacting people on the other side of the world is replaced by pop goes the can of covid.


Oct 21, 2008 — "Business as usual won't prevent the next Aids or Sars," said Dr Larry Brilliant, the executive director of "The teams we're funding ...
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