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 Dear Professor Chen - Harvard Author QuietRevolution Wiego Mission-FamilyTree

I wondered if you could give me some advice on whom and how to contact someone like Malloch Brown or Greg Chen or Shameran Abed or anyone concerned with Fazle Abed's biggest idea connecting his life's work and higher education

Soon after my father Norman Macrae died in 2010 the Japan Ambassador to Bangladesh invited me to 2 brainstorming dinners with Fazle Abed. There he told us of his legacy intent to connect brac university with 100 graduate-female scholars networks of sustainability goals generation . I went to Bangladesh 15 times to help file notes blogged at  http://www.abedmooc.com 

For many reasons - from covid to how Abed's illness accelerated before he could fully brief the new vice chancellor he had chosen, to barriers raised across Asia by Trump etc - the University collaboration idea (and other tech partnerships like that with alipay) are off path even as they remain the most scalable chance for under 35s to leap ahead and support Guterres Summit Future 2023. 

On the tech side I am now helping coordinate research for an AI Hall of SDG fame with Von Neumann's family - my dad became his first biographer and this month 30 years later a new Neumann bio is out. I have footnoted a bit more context on how father was The Economist's 3ed half century sub-editor of end Asian poverty (that being what founder and Adam Smith alumni James Wilson started 1843-60)

Sincerely Chris Macrae
Washington DC Region  +1 240 316 8157
1760 glasgow smith & watt JFKennedySir Fazle ABED 1 2 3.. brac & girl-power & earth & EconomistDiary 1 2 yuang longping
We can now see that the 5 compasses needed to respond to schumacher's question how to end poverty of a million villages correspond to the 5 core public service markets that a transparent analysis of eSG would value expoentially:
S2 access to human energy - ie security of food, water. clean air
S3 access to last mile health especially basics for infants, children and mothers
S4 With over 60% of humans working informally: Access to livelihood education (community experiential and small enterprise learning) so that villages enjoyed full employment through positive cash flow models
S5 Building (servant leadership) 100000 person lives matter community . Human rights most exciting entrepreneirial revolution has shown that even without tech a dedicated public servant leader (eg adopting franciscan paulo freire values) supporting the world's most entrepreneurial mothers can empower 100,000 person communities where all lives matter. more at abedmooc.com
value chain governace oof finance for the poorest - such as this 6 dimension integration over the first 50 years of Bangladesh's nation building more at abedmooc.com.
You could call my father Norman (teachforsdgs.com, 1 2 4 The Forest Gump of entrepreneurship). He tried to value the borderless knowhow millennials would most urgently need to action as the worldwide sustainability generation. By 1976 his Economist surveys of Entrepreneurial Revolution were advocating that places' services and system maps needed to prep opportunities for 21st c youth to make the best of 2 experiential learning worlds:
1 world class digital networks
2 lives matter last mile community network where children and families develop

Father had been blessed with multiple good fortunes to get to 1976 from his birth in a British Embassy in Russia's Konisberg of 1923

he had survived being home schooled in british embassies in some of Europe's moat hateful place notably Stalin's Moscow and places where Jews were trying to escape from Hitler

he had survived spending his last days as a teenager as navigator allied bomber command burma campaign

in the first 6 years after world war 2 he was mentored by 3 people whose innovations views most mattered to world class joirnalism: john von neumann, sir geoffrey crowther , maynard keynes (NCK). 

**From von neumann dad was given the biggest scoop of worldwide journalism. Ask leaders what will they be doing with 100 time smore tech per decade 1950s to 2020s; that a million times "moore" if they are planning 30 years (half the world's population ahead)
**Geoffrey Crowther had edited The Economist's centenary autobiography in 1943. Because of The Economist's' collegiate instead of individualistic viewpoint, Crowther's work isnt simple to reference academically. The 3 sources I use are the common sense of editorials in The Economist during his editorship, the 1943 autobiography, a published series of lectures he gave at claremont. Additionally Crowther like all those living up The Economist's 1843 founding would start every economist alumni off by studying Adam Smith (which fortunately for Norman had been the only books he had with him in Burma).
**Keynes ; in the final chapter of the general theory of money , interest and employment keynes asks a most valuable question that he was concerned his final graduate classes honored as alumni of his knowhow- practically speaking next generations opportunities and threats are exponentially locked in by a handful of people- do you see wo these people are and how is transparency/human sustainability brought to the consequences of their decision-,making

 Dads wartime experiences put google maps in his head a generation ahead of most other intellectuals and place leaders. He was deeply concerned how world war 2's root cause had become the G8 empires (7 white representing about one sixth of the human race's diversity though most of earth north of the tropics. To father permission to sign one annual survey a year from 1962  was a great joy -this came after 15 years of writing about 1000 anonymous editorials published weekly (including only journalist at birth of european union as well as connector of interdependence mindsets which included President Kennedy as well as the 3 aforementioned wizards). Father's chose as his first survey how the rise of japan offered a model around which the two thirds of humans who are Asians could rise- in 1962 the model was already multiplying win-win trades for people surrounded by east asia shipping lanes - japan s korea taiwan hk and singapore (with notable thanks to 1962 of the peace umbrella and engineering foci that usa had actionable freed these peoples to design).

a bezos & j ma- world's biggest market makers versus fashion's rebecca minkoff .v neumann - dad The Economist's norman macrae was privileged to meet von neumann
and be his biographer-what if youth's sustainability depends most on engineers?
.jf kennedy

 www.Olympics22.com Hi Jeanne/Fady- sorry about length... do our energies most deeply support each other?

can female humanoids solve the biggest media crisis in the world? -  where could Jeanne visit in Boston (early april?) as well as if you feel that what Martina Von Neumanns want to see as first AI Hall of fame matches what you'd like to see game change the next 18 months (a timeline Guterres has set 2023 Unga summit of futures of all beings)


In the 1980s i helped 2 boston professors collect largest database  (express software first of its kind in decade that minicomputers mattered)  of what societies wanted from globally branded corporations. By accident french hq company i was working at became responsible for all surveys in Asia - about 500, starting with unilever Indonesia 1982: my first asian trip - I have now traveled to Asia over 50 times and Unilever's original question- what helps poorest Asian muslim women has been a common thread whilst noticing chinese diaspora multiply trade everywhere certainly what has grown engineers'  supercities (something dad first surveyed in The Economist of 1962)...Starting1988 Economist survey "year of brand" (micklethwait who we gave the story too now edits bloomberg) I have tried to link people who value any sort of open-but-structured communications/behaviours round this question: what would world uniquely miss if XXX did not exist? (XXX could be the UN it could be zbee (beingAI.com)  it could be von neumann it could be whichever is the world largest corporation; or it could be which ever asian female olympics star you trust most as wanting her generation to share in being superheroines) aka www.womensverse.net

. 1999 in a triple issue of journal of market management i guest edited : valuing corporate brand reality (& my book brand chartering focused on leading unique organising purpose).                                                        - you can segment "the world" that xxx compounds consequences into many different subnetworks either demanding or serving  the purpose (and then transparent leaders have to show at every cycle of governance how the life of that promise makes or breaks each constituency's trust as  compounded/integrated truly by unique purpose). Ironically if a physical engineer does not relentlessly integrate foundations - the whole falls down. With tangible accountants or apparently intangibles engineers like zukenberg it appears the collapse only occurs when it has brought us all down. The same could be said for I presume (globally ignorant) biotech designers of covid... so, we could have known for at least 30 years now that sustainability generation in a chaotically webbed through world of human and artificial relationships composing requirement for a totally different audit need than most western boardrooms have ever yet used though when i worked in the japan of the 1980s best japanese (and potentially all Asian consciousness led) companies applied governance round purpose (actually founders of most organisations that grew with society tacitly used a purpose audit but mbas who take over from them suffer from the harvard mba virus opposite to purposeful founders.

which  XXX could be a corporate brand, a billionaire,  the lead humanoid branch of robotics, von neumann alumni, zbee , hong kong - any system that gravitates communities of life. From 2002 harvard with the exception of 2 people (one interested in deep qualitative interviewing, the other interested in communities wpf practice) hated chartering question especially as I had spent 10 years at price water house coopers applying it to missing measurements when the only metrics a board uses are 90 day tangible accounting. In 2000 my main ally  in dc (author unseen wealth) at georgetown law school was fired by bush's inner circle because she got too close to asking ahead of time what  was purpose of enron, worldcom, other fake utlities that texas and andersen accounting brought to the millennium...conversely mit connected alumni across boston were interested in what would world of 21st miss if mit alumni did not exist. Edward Roberts at sloan business school who probably introduced year round entrepreneur competitions into every faculty instead of just a business competition wrote a report - without mit usa would miss both unique purpose of 21st C job creating higher education and engineers for good. 

Jeanne I write this - firstly fady has been living this inside his peer generation of mit for most of 21st C ;;secondly because I have a lot of questions : what sorts of conversations might zbee most want to be linkedin wirh ; having studied western media since i graduated, its all too easy to amplify mass hatreds;  much harder to app media to celebrate what next generation most wants to advance human lot around; 

: you might think educators would make it is easy for the next generation to  sustain the futures bur currently for whatever reason in the west, at least, Ed has be polluted by media and lost safety in community- unesco has just published a report saying education is broken everywhere ..all sorts of other agendas where over 60s are cashing out of the world instead of investing in millennials; notoriously 300 trillion dollars of western pension money still doesnt recognise any sdg innovation investment as asset grade!

here are some specific questions about the period between now and end of april - in other words before during and after jeanne's us trip

1 can we help with whom jeanne meets in boston (mit .. tufts ...wherever else humanoids and robots or questions about von neumann legacy connect- eg berners lee still says the web he wanted to design doesnt yet exist- is there a zbee subcommunity of how can friends of zbee help friends of berners lee)

by accident tufts is part of hosting a million student conversation on climate on march 30 (its main other partner is all of soros open society networks and so OSF leader malloch brown who author the 2000 millennium goals while at   UN); guterres has said the main summit he wants to host in 2023 is futures of all, not COP futures as only defined by 200 nations leaders

in my life time the one thousandth of the world's people from hong kong have contributed more than any other one thousandth i can think oif (with possible exception of true mit /neumann alumni)- it could be incredibly timely if jeanne could contact HK people at www.yidanprize.org - i think they  are struggling too with how do the values of openness for advancing humanity blossom in everything they sponsor without getting sucked into HK-global politics

my friend at american university has found a nice way of connecting worldwide millennials beyond barriers nations set up ; apparently back in wales of 1913 a higher ed course was taught on youth's global affairs - so his work connects that - in november he was at an oxford union debate- by a vote of 2 to 1- youth should not look only to america to provide the lead they need; oddly a wall street genre of the same sort has emerged around the biggest fund manager dalio; and there is still the question is ESG the way to get financiers to debate what investment/society is being compounded by money where; the people i trust most in the esg debate in new york are 1 japanese 2 ,musicians/artistic youth plus a few daring under 35s who have worked themselves into semi-influential positions at places like deutsche bank

I dont know if one of the paragraphs above should have been the main one between the three of us; coming back to jeanne's diary who did zbee most want to amplify what actionable conversations with? and should this conversation be widened to include people like rebecca or is this firstly a question about future of humanoids and robotics and how this connects with all the other tech multipliers which von neumann family is happy to be piloted as AI Hall of Fame if we can find www scouts of whom to nominate

borlaugdemingmr & mrs steve jobs berners-lee global id mistake.fei-fei listanford family.james grant ..shannon maylarry brilliantbill gates..Wang Huiyao ..florence nightingale.barefoot chinese medics.jim kim.george soros. attenborough familynobel dr yunus 1 2gandhieinsteinmandelaquiz ABED CONNECTED THE MOST COLLABORATIVE SOLUTIONS SO BILLION ASIAN VILLAGE WOMEN ENDED POVERTY 1970-2020 - NAME UP TO 10 OF HIS BIGGEST PARTNERS
3X3 last mile health
.jim kim.bill/melinda gatesfamily stanford
james grant.Abed.larry brilliant
.florence nightingale & clara barton.franciscans/clares.barefoot chinese medics
last chance- change education
louise richardsonSchwarzman/ Li-Ka ShingCharles Yidan
Sheikha MozaAbed.Lee Kuan Yew
Fei-Fei Li , JerryYangGuterres/claresNieman/Khan
top 2021 youth sdg networks march: luminaries -education & tech : feb developing edu & health; jan: engineering's greatest : december: sustainability hidden agenda: Americans who valued Asians ; november deep valley networking; october livesmatter herstory

50 system views smith &
who can younger world market sdgs with? and where share mask off coffee eg unga 76 ny sept cop26 nov sdgscafe.com
montessorifrancisguterres..jeff bezos.jack ma.maso son.schwarzman/rhodes
louise richardson
.bloomberg-hopkinsli ka-shing..mahbubani/lee kuan yew.tang taiwanberners lee/torvaulds.p ma/yidan..royals of japan uk netherlands dubai qatar jordan.schwabelon musk..steve jobssergey brin kai-fu lee cindy mi kobe bryantezra vogel deng.anne dunham..urgent place leaders collabs 2021-2.sheika moza - mother of all global education laureate alumni of sir fazle abed wise educationaboveall wish womens university campus some delegates from 3 wise summits madrid beijing qatar illustrate diversity of 360 degree education grows youths futures- i made these country delegate lists around 2017.mayors of tokyo and beijing - stuck with the costs of olympics and covid.vice chancellor oxford at cross roads of ireland-scotland; oxford vaccines; schwarzman-rhodes; yidan luminaries............

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

is reinisch 2020s marco polo

 youtube silkroad4.0  2018 EUReport

lot to learn from decade ,mediation of borderless trade of sustainability across eurasia borders

may 2022 israel's view  Very excited to learn firsthand from a former Israeli General and former Ambassador to China.

Do you want to join Monday May 30? https://lnkd.in/eqjNsmrP

When: May 30th 2022 17:00-19:30 CEST (door open: 16:00)
Where: in 10-15 locations around the world + the #VR campus of our partner Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN)

🌎 🌍 🌏 Register at https://lnkd.in/eV-AQGC2

πŸ‘³πŸΎπŸ‘·πŸΎπŸ‘¨πŸ» Requested Panelists
🎀 Keynote Eva A. Kaili (Vice-President of the European Parliament)
🎀 Keynote Dr. Steve S. Chen, Ph.D. (Chief Architect, CEO & Founder, Information Supergrid Technologies USA Inc.)
🎀 Matan Vilnai, Former Israeli minister for Science&Technology, former Ambassador to China
🎀 Keynote Liron Urman, General Manager at Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce
🎀 Keynote Helmut Leopold, Head of Center for Digital Safety & Security, ; Founder International Digital Security Forum


What can Europe learn from China? And China from Europe? - Digital Silk Road meets Production & Industrial Cooperation

Join our interactive 
#silkroad40 expert discussion by registering at Eventbrite or follow the event live at SilkRoad 4.0 YouTube Channel.
Start: Thu., November 18th at 18:00 CET, 20:00 TRT, 09am PST

πŸ‘³πŸΎπŸ‘·πŸΎπŸ‘¨πŸ» Panelists
🎀 Remote Location Partner (Zagreb), Prof. Kosjenka DumančiΔ‡ , Vice-dean for international cooperation and projects, Faculty of Economics & Business Zagreb
🎀 Cooperation Partner, Dr. YILDIZ TUGBA KURTULUS KARA, Founder, Society 5.0. Institute
🎀 Welcome Umut Γ–zdemir, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Turkey
🎀 Keynote Zafer Mese, General Coordinator Germany, SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research
🎀 Keynote Orhan Ozer, Former President & CEO of Toyota Turkey, Former Vice-President of Toyota Motor Europe

🎀 In addition, our select SILKROAD 4.0 members will participate in the discussion.

Moderators: Prof. Dr. Donald Lewis, Dr. Harvey DzodinDr. Philipe REINISCH (η‘žθ²εˆ©).

🌎 🌍 🌏 About the event series:
Since its launch in late 2013, China’s Belt and Road Initiative has caused a lasting impact on the geopolitical dynamics of the world. China’s international connectivity strategy fosters a more balanced, multi-centric world system on a mutual eye level, but leaves many question marks for Westerners. Even experts struggle to comprehend all facets of this strategy. 
The SILKROAD 4.0 event series brings together leading experts within their fields, discussing what Europe can learn from Asia - and Asia from Europe.

πŸ”­πŸ”¬πŸ’‘ About this event:
Turkey is a central global logistic hub, connecting Europe and Asia already since the middle ages and before. But not only is Turkey known for its transport industry, but also for its relevance in producing goods for the world market. In particular, Turkey and China have been gearing up “production and industrial cooperation” – an important element of China’s BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) – for the last few years, which has accelerated recently with the opening up of the “Middle Corridor” (or TCIT) and COSCO’s substantial investments in Kumport Terminal. The emphasis currently is on strengthening advanced technological cooperation and production in Turkey for export abroad, including EU markets. At present, more than 30 Chinese digital companies have investments or partners in Turkey.
Join us to find out more about Asia-Turkey production and industrial cooperation in key sectors of the Turkish economy, as well as trade opportunities.

Thank you all for this great feedback to the Silkroad 4.0 Emerging Technology Tour 2020 kickoff event!
And in particular, thank you to the great keynote speakers of yesterday's event! You made all this happen!
Philipp Agathonos (Minister Plenipotentiary for Science and Technology, Austrian Embassy Beijing), Ludovit Garzik (Managing Director, Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development), Francisco De Sousa Webber (CEO, cortical.io), and Baher Al Hakim / Rafael Vartian (Medicus AI Group).

If you want to join our delegation, apply here for our next event on Oct., 22nd 2020: https://lnkd.in/eUvRaW6.
Our delegation will travel from Vienna to Munich. Stay tuned!

) The following article was published in the Guangming Daily Newspaper. Approximate translation by Google Translate, Dr. Philipe Reinisch.

The coronavirus epidemic has not only had a huge impact on the global economy but also affected the traditional business models and international exchanges based on the movement of people. Faced with the new reality that humans and viruses may coexist for a long time, many international cooperation projects based on the “Belt and Road” initiative are actively exploring online business models, and while responding to challenges with digitalization, they have obtained new development opportunities.

Recently, our reporter interviewed Dr. Philipe Reinisch, initiator of the "Silk Road 4.0" project. Dr. Reinisch launched a Silk Road expedition in 2018, riding a high-tech motorcycle from Vienna over 15,000 kilometers and arriving in China after more than 4 months. Through this "Silk Road 4.0" trip, he not only tested the scientific and technological achievements developed by the partner companies. But he also successfully brought these scientific and technological projects to China, setting up a network for scientific and technological cooperation between China and Europe, producing remarkable results.

Dr. Reinisch originally planned to organize the project again this year, expanding the original network, but the sudden new corona epidemic disrupted the original plan. It also made him start to rethink the model of promoting Sino-European technology cooperation. 

Dr. Reinisch said that the original version of "Silk Road 4.0" he planned to launch this year is a commercial project that connects Asia and Europe and aims to promote China-Europe scientific and technological cooperation. Participants can choose cars, public transportation, trucks or motorcycle as a means of transportation - in the meaning of a "tech caravan tour" using a high-tech fleet. The expedition trip will start from Austria, traverse the whole of Europe, pass through many countries in the "Silk Road Economic Belt", and finally arrive in China. The vision is to have spontaneous participants joining at any time during the journey. Participants use high-tech travel technology to stay connected with each other. 

The project facilitates contacts with local experts in different fields of science and technology through various activities in multiple locations. It will discuss the latest trends in the high-tech field, expedite in-depth exchanges on possible future cooperation projects, and support a true Silk Road vision with professional consulting services.

However, the sudden new coronavirus epidemic has changed the original plan. Especially the business model based on "technology + travel" has to be temporarily shelved due to the tightening of entry and exit policies of countries around the world. This required Dr. Reinisch to pivot the project and to launch an "Online Silk Road" campaign. The specific form is to bring together emerging technology companies in an online format to promote their latest technology products in various countries. Examples for possible technologies include artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, green tech, or next-generation battery systems. This online travel plan begins in September this year, starting from Europe and ending in China while traversing the entire Eurasian continent. Through "virtual visits" in countries related to the "Belt and Road", it connects participating members with experts from local companies. Together, companies have the opportunity to develop scientific and technological projects with local partners to achieve scientific and technological excellence.

Dr. Reinisch said that in the cooperation of emerging technology, mutual trust is of utmost importance because in the early stage people often don't know whether these innovative projects will succeed. True trust is built on long-term, uninterrupted personal contact with each other. But this turns even more difficult during the epidemic, especially when the two parties originate from different cultural backgrounds. Face-to-face interactions in interpersonal communication are difficult to replace. This is the biggest challenge of the project. So, how can people build trust through digital communication? The answer is through time spent together and by shared experiences and successes. When people need to complete a project together, unfamiliar partners will gradually understand, learn, and ultimately build trust through these common goals. Although the new coronavirus epidemic has had an impact on "Silk Road 4.0", their goal of promoting China-EU scientific and technological cooperation remains unchanged, except that the method will be changed from face-to-face communication to an online interchange.

In addition to the impact of the epidemic itself, the changes in international relations caused by the epidemic and its collateral effects are also strenuous challenges for any scientific and technological cooperation. Dr. Reinisch said that due to the outbreak and other reasons, in the past few months disputes between some countries have been escalating. Numerous negative reports have caused people to be cautious and even skeptical when interacting across borders. Many countries have appeared to distrust products and partners of other countries. To win back the confidence of foreign partners, people have to jointly work diligently. Therefore, professional project management needs to show more predictable and sustainable win-win goals in order to be sustainable during this current global trust crisis. Besides that, it is also very important to adopt a communication method that suits the corresponding cultural background, as the means and habits of communication between the East and the West are not the same. Another major challenge comes from different or even incompatible innovation ecosystems. An example is the data exchange between China and Europe. Europeans need to switch from the traditional asynchronous mail-based business communication approach to WeChat or other advanced tools for real-time information exchange when communicating with Chinese organizations. Therefore, teaming up with a partner with a practical and proven knowledge in China-EU scientific and technological cooperation is a necessary pre-condition for the safe and effective completion of any project.

Dr. Reinisch said that his personal main focus of interest is now how interpersonal relationships will develop in the future in this post-epidemic era, and which supporting social mechanisms and technological tools will take the lead. He hopes to bridge the cultural and technological gap with his global "Online Silk Road" vision and to facilitate an exchange between China and European partners at eye level. When the conditions permit again, he will restart the "Silk Road 4.0" journey in the future. Although digital tools and virtual online travel can help people communicate with cross-cultural and cross-regional partners, after all, there is no tool that can completely replace real face-to-face interaction between people.

(Our newspaper, Vienna, July 29th, by Jiao Shousong, our correspondent in Vienna)

If you want to join the Emerging Technology Tour 2020 event series starting on September, 24th 2020, please apply for access here: https://www.silkroad40.com/emerging-tech-tour-2020

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