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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

a bezos & j ma

i must admit a bias- exploring the world made by these 2 greatest ever market makers in terms of customer revenues  is probably the most interesting maths jigsaw puzzle i can imagine- that's becua=use after getting an ma at damtp in statistics cambridge i have spent 40 years modeling markets: i started doing this with the first database technology available in late 1970s through mit/harvard professors; i wss working for a french company whose parnetership was to colect data worldwide outside of usa; i enjoyed the huge privilege of collecting data on what asian societies representing two thirds of humans wanted organisations to continouslsy imp-rove

mathematically i have 2 biases which have sometimes got me into trouble both with the world's largest tangible accountants and the largest ad agencies - 3 of which i was asked to advise due to my book brand chartering published with the economist intelligence unit in the mid 1990s

 i love business models with consistently positive income as this is the only way to grow/scale but i also love purposeful organisations that keep their promises to owners society and workers: to continuously improve the human lot (including sustainability of youth) leaders need to share actionable/transparent info so everyone win-win-wins - mathematically the least sustainable audit is one where one constituency takes from every other every quarter - see my publication with economist intelligence unity on the then new genre of chartering which brand leaders empower organisation purpose to be actioned and learnt through every innovation of the digital as well as climate real era

( a shoutout to scots the first to model markets of the age of humans and machines through alumni of adam smith- do you think smith would have trusted markets dominated by an organisation taking for one group every quarter or win-wining for all it networked with?) we have a 11 year long journal edited out of glasgow university by adam smith scholars - queries welcome

from these viewpoints i am fascinated by what bezos and ma did as the world's 2 biggest marketmakers online; while the 2-20s may see bigger market-makers - up to 1995 the worldwide web seemed designed to share knowledge potentially the most life critical knowhow first; what is evident is how totally different trajectories of bezos and ma were, and are as we hurtle in 2020s

every quarter bezos had to fight wall street and dotcom competitors; wall street did not like that amazon had a model which declared it would be years before it was profitable; ma had a different challenge it would be about 10 more years before china had a mobile and distribution infrastructure needing ecommerce; other things worth knowing about ma ;he was an english teacher for his 30 years and declared that 1995-2019's intermission as world's market maker would be followed by return to education including green , health and youth-led markets; his town hanzhou was one of the first designated tourists towns; when he was aged 11 his geography teacher said china hasnt really got any maps of different pewoples around the world but you guys are lucky- go talk to the tourists; so ma spent far more time learning english guiding tourists teaching kids his own age group to do likewise than he spent in the classroom; by accident his first trip to the usa was seattle 1995 when was sent to do a translation job; there he saw the launch of amazon; for ma the life changing question was how many jobs can be created when ecommerce comes to china

ma sought put amazing partners like taiwanese america jerry yang and japans number 1 texh wizard maso son; he worked out the last thing he wanted to do was put money into stock; what he wanted to do was tp design the delivewry algorithm everyone would need to be linkedby and include villages and much as rich citizens; it was great timing to do this as china was literally building the infrasrrtuctures of rains across the continent and mobile phones for villagers as well as citzens; in fact the village phoe model relevant to china was going on in bangladesh - the first place to experiment with apps of poorest villagers not just the richest

compare this with bezos- he says he chose books as the first category to stock because if he could win a market with as many different products as books he could then serve any market 

now 1995-2005-2010-2015 onwards have seen each market maker have to adapt - sometimes filling in pieces the other did first; other times not; one of jack ma's opportunities was credit cards never really existed before alibaba launched - so he was able to create ant finance and alipay and give chinese customers debit before credit; the opposite way round to fintech usa

all over asia and worldwide societies can ask which of these opposite models will be more likely to sustain their futures... this is a huge story with many pieces to update such as

if world and cross-continent trade connects ships trains cars and planes which infrastructure is needed to include everyone not just markets and jobs for the richest

if the ecommerce platform isnt going to be the nations most economic shipper is it going to be a government sponsored post office or something else; remember we are talking about shipping to and from every last mile if markets are to include everyone

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