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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

oxbridge debates schwarzman richardson yidan

 few things had more impact on my student mind than oxbridge  union debates- here youth were free to debate the days greatest crises- especially ones the sad bbc thought too  controversial to get politicians to share future intel on - and after the votes were over to go and share a beer - in britain unlike usa college students are of legal age to sip beer and to bridge every political divide -youth always need to be curious about how to be more smartly connected than their elders on all lives matter issues;

re-read adam smith for example- while scots are only 1/400 of the human race and 80% worldwide immigrants; in 1760  smith and watt were first in the world to observe the energetic power of machines (one of 4 machine revolutions -do you know the other 3? - rsvp; 50 years into being colonised by london smith hoped machines would be open sourced across usa on one priviso end slavery wherever machines next journeyed dow the west coast from boston up the lousisana purchase...  across to west coast - and across the pacific.. 

fast forward to 2021 the union of debates on youth futures that intersects around

schwarzman - connects engineering and ethical students in beijing's tsinghua, boston's mit and oxford's rhodes:  hateways to smart student-city engagement flow through mayors, linguists and community market makers - so far timing hasnt been on jack's ma side in turning 2020s into joy of learning decade -tokyo, beijing, jack ma - who wanted sportstars to celebrate education for all


see personal footnote 1

yidan - next event with richardson in oxford; previous event with cambridge in boston; 15 person council raising 360 degree debates on which youth have a livelihoods education future let alone a chance at sustaining our species

richardson connects schwarzman, rhodes  scholars, adam smith scholars and oxford; scotland and ireland ; affordable vaccine research and ...

 a triangularisation of mediators for valuing youth unlike any trio of people who love youth's open education that i can find in 2021 year of living dangerously : can we celebrate worldwide youth leap beyond covid, climate and the abusive misinformed media world that the 2010s spiralled ?- rsvp if you know another trio who can reach deep as we now need if ai data is to humanise machines as if all lives mattere....


personal footnote 1 :1976 on china plants rural capitalism alongside its greatest engineering leaps

nowhere has inspired me more than walking mit's square mile round kendall station where the honor of helping put as a judge of mit100k accelerate stage 2 was a true wow moment- wow what young technogists can do 40 years on from damtp without computing (pf 2); and the 9 square mile's round tsinghua south gate- this is designated as the capital suburb of entrepreneurial revolution Zhongguancun, -forgive my shorthang: zhong

tsinghua tour 1 : walk up the drive way to the engineering school where japan shared everything it knew with the chinese in the late 1970s; head north west to an old building where a branch of unesco trains notably female linguists to be sdg ambassadors-and if you are as lucky as i was hire one of these remarkable students to guide you round; my guide was just graduating in english before becoming a rhodes scholar and in all probability her peer groups number 1 end poverty networker (she had an additional mission- her parents being educatirs in part of china that nighbors nirth korea a quite scary place to grow up in)

further north west and you see the shiny new schwarzman college with the most diverse global student group i have ever seen on any compass- its notable pretty much ever asian billionnaire who loves education is a co-sponsor from hong kong's li ka-shing who has founded his own university ckgsb to help mediate diaspora and mainland chinese innovators;  to japan's masa son who founded softbank in 1981 and somehow morphs his investments ahead of all of japans great engineering corporations ; head north west through the sports ground- there in the far north west in old buildings you see the school for rural keynesian agriculture that became the soul of community capitalism discussed in my dads 1977 economist survey of china- and further west you see the school for 21st c small enterprise networking

tsinghua tours 2 3 4

if you want to do these , happy to double check mapping details - lot of rebuilding

tour 2 south gate meets zhong the worlds number 1 youth entrepreneur suburb- note the intersection of 4 colleges beijing normal; beijing cultures poly, peking uni with tsinghua as well as the origins of desing an ai entrepreneurs avenue in every university city discussed in the book by kai-fu lee- the engineer who had to reinvent himself when cancer and the exit of google china hit him at the end of the 2000s

tour 3 if you start at peking university: you see lees history of how community engineers designed a subcontinent where one fifth of the worlds people live but more of the sort of modernity that western partners seem to like

tour 4  - this one is way off the beaten track --zhong actually has its own mooc hub and festivals reserved for educators grow the world; some of the pop up in places that you probably need a chinese guide to find; for example i traced roman prodi's one week tour round beijing - it started at thinkinchna hub moved over to the inner city financial era and returned to peking university; the story of how the whole of southern and eastern europes hopes were delayed by the northern branches of the eu and usa is very interesting - it explains why half of europe depends on renewing the silk road more than anything brussels will ever empire over - but the chinese student reaction is strangely calm- we'll share 21st c AI with anyone who wants youth to be the sdg generation -it takes 2 sides to rebuild marco polos silk road - arrividerchi


in britain we took 1968 maths a'levels without electoninc calucators

when i asked my 6th form teacher where i could study comuting and maths- i was told cmuting doest yet exist as a subject to study

in 1972 when i took my ma in statistics at damtp there were still no computers in the department; there was the game of avoiding being run over by steve hwakins whose whell chair sped along narrow corridors at speeds that would get a ticket in an american school car park

so i lucked out in my first full time job- 1973 the uk national development project in computer based learning but still what mit students network 35 years larer is beyond the mindset of old universities; ...

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