jerry yang
breaking june 2021 world bank's 7 most exciting youth networkers what if species sustainability urgently depends on celebrating most purposeful and collaborative algorithms of leadership networking
multi-win purposes: human & economic growth 1 end poverty, 2 end insecurity of food/water, 3 end needless death, 4 livelihood edu, 5 end exclusion..
ABED123 - 50 years of end poverty networking round mothers love and moral sentiments of engineering glasgow oxford dublin
vatican 1 paris & why not UNi
1760 glasgow smith & watt JFKennedySir Fazle ABED 1 2 3.. brac & girl-power & earth & EconomistDiary 1 2 yuang longping a bezos & j ma- world's biggest market makers versus fashion's rebecca minkoff .v neumann - dad The Economist's norman macrae was privileged to meet von neumann
and be his biographer-what if youth's sustainability depends most on engineers?
.jf kennedyborlaugdemingmr & mrs steve jobs berners-lee global id mistake.fei-fei listanford family.james grant ..shannon maylarry brilliantbill gates..Wang Huiyao ..florence chinese medics.jim soros. attenborough familynobel dr yunus 1 2gandhieinsteinmandelamontessorifrancisguterres..jeff bezos.jack ma.maso son.schwarzman/rhodes
louise richardson
.bloomberg-hopkinsli ka-shing..mahbubani/lee kuan yew.tang taiwanberners lee/torvaulds.p ma/yidan..royals of japan uk netherlands dubai qatar jordan.schwabelon musk..steve jobssergey brin kai-fu lee cindy mi kobe bryantezra vogel deng.anne dunham..urgent place leaders collabs 2021-2.sheika moza - mother of all global education laureate alumni of sir fazle abed wise educationaboveall wish womens university campus some delegates from 3 wise summits madrid beijing qatar illustrate diversity of 360 degree education grows youths futures- i made these country delegate lists around 2017.mayors of tokyo and beijing - stuck with the costs of olympics and covid.vice chancellor oxford at cross roads of ireland-scotland; oxford vaccines; schwarzman-rhodes; yidan luminaries............
3X3 last mile health
.jim kim.bill/melinda gatesfamily stanford
james grant.Abed.larry brilliant
.florence nightingale & clara barton.franciscans/ chinese medics
last chance- change education
louise richardsonSchwarzman/ Li-Ka ShingCharles Yidan
Sheikha MozaAbed.Lee Kuan Yew
Fei-Fei Li , JerryYangGuterres/claresNieman/Khan
top 2021 youth sdg networks march: luminaries -education & tech : feb developing edu & health; jan: engineering's greatest : december: sustainability hidden agenda: Americans who valued Asians ; november deep valley networking; october livesmatter herstory

50 system views smith &
who can younger world market sdgs with? and where share mask off coffee eg unga 76 ny sept cop26 nov

Friday, April 30, 2021

 was jfk's administration the last to fully value youth's futures?

why no more moonshot challenges after kennedy? how did nixon's hatred of student "bums" turn into exponentials of college debt? did any admin after kennedy see rising of two thirds of humans who are asian as an opportunity in knowledge markets such as health, climate, feeding the world and humanising ai?

quiz - if kennedy had lived what american dreams might have thrived? love to hear your dream debates- mine include

all lives matter? (truth is as a scot i dont fully understand what american society needed its public servants to do to truly end racial hatred in the 1960s- maybe i am over-hopeful about irish americans ability to bridge wrongs colonial empire legislatures spun) 

i believe transitions in washington dc propelled round innovative youth not elders vested interests? all over the world peoples were cheering on successful moon race- if mankind can make thqat leap soon no mission will be impossible) each new administration could have celebrated yout's next moon race down on earth; but then my family interprets satellite communications as ending cost of distance in sharing life-critical info

transformation in maths and engineering curricula states-wide and not just in silicon valley? as an ma in statistics from damtp cambridge what little i know is i learnt maths in ways totally opposite from american curriculum of maths; its sad to see the subject i love made so destructive of childrens self-confidence the way its been taught in usa-- for example coding wizards need experiential trining like musicians and artits not stanrdised examining

HUNICORNS=livesmatter startup networks too life critical for investors to exit or politicians to quarrel over

 abed's servant leadership multiplied mother's love of infant and engineering open systems

abed empowered village women to build bangladesh which was born as a new nation 1972 as 8th most populous and poorest

25 ABED HUNICORNS  networks- `    his most trusted partners include:

HEALTH james grant, jim kim,  bill/melinda gates , george soros

food security borlaug/world food prize alumni

asian women rural keynesiansm networks - chinese rural and medical village women hold up half the sky

youth development - royal families of uk, japan, netherlands

technology quadirs at mit/legatum, jack ma


 a valuable question - where did actions taken by nation's digital ministers help save the peoples from covid - this question is likely to provide clues on what we peoples need from other crises to local sustainability including climate, and livelihood education

tang in taiwan seems to be one of the world's most exciting cases - love to hear other nominations - eg singapore is looking good but it has a small and uniformly educated population

tang is a benchmark for a lot more than covid

she has helped connect brilliant under 30s tech wizards with reverse mentoring elders in government

recently she even cheered up youth in fukishima responding to their questions on how do youth rebuild future of a place brand that everyone else is scared of

Thursday, April 29, 2021

50 systems views

 summer 2021 - related reference - red gold & blue- what does it mean to you?

to scots, at least adam smith, is a very interesting person to be a leatning an action alumni of-

 his 2 main books can be interpreted as views of systems before machines were invented 1756 moral sentiments - and during the first 16years of james watts machines- smith did not trust london capitalists who wee already 50 years into colonising scotland- see thinning of scots livelihoods which led to scots being 80% diaspora nation  - today when you read so called smithian free market experts you literally have to ask yourself in sysems terms how would smith grade these so-called guru alumni of his works

many free market gurus would get absolute failure- and thats because any economist who doesnt expoential

y integrate sustainability into his ruling system is out of sync with smiths love of nature, health, cultures which were his starting pont before debating moras and machies uses

probably the deepest 21st s summary od smith was made by the late great professor skinner just after bangladeshi women empowrment leaders had been invited to deliver the 250th speech on moral sentiments- here is skinner's final paper

50 system maps -

 library of adam smith starting with skinners paper inal paper

library of frenchman jb say - declared by peter drucker to have coined entreprenueur- what social model does a nation map next having cut off the heads of those who monolplised productive assets

library of james wilson from 143- goal use media to convince queen victoria to tranform british empire -and english speaking cultures- from processes of slavemaking and genocide to commonwealth

36 networks you can join if you value connecting sustainability goals with the neworks that billion poorest women empoweed since 1970


trillion dollar markets as systems -which market purposes most explain exponential destruction or sustaimability of which un goals?

health as an sdg system

waste and water as a system -which segment of ciries see this as most urgent challenge

-what other segments do smart sister cities see as their most urgent sustainability innovation to solve?

education as an sdg meta-system and how many trillion dollar sub-systems

transparency of professions with monoploies to score as a system

machine energy as an sdg system

human needs for energy/food/water as a system

100% community safety as a system nextchild born grows up in

sports, arts, fashions as sdg-youth-led systems

money as an sdg system

land use for homes as a system

mapping world trade routes and transportation infrastructures 

what media of naturalists we all choose to unite round including whether goingto zero carbon will ever be dne in time

7th decade of von neumann's legacy as a system including artificial intel and 100 times moore tech every decade since 1957 -thats more than trillion times more than code of moon landing- world economic forum sustem designers study this at industrianl revolution 4 metahubs out of geneva san francisco tokyo beijing  (india ?) as well as various smart city hubs- there is not agreement over the 2 main adiitions to industrial revolution of von neumann but alumni of his biograher suggest ir4 is how all 2020s tech convergences to autonomous systems- ie ones governed real time by tech not by public servants - and ir3 is how to design 100% livelihhods of potentially humans happiest and most connected age- unlike consuming up things, ir3 opportunity is sharing life-critical knowhow through community action networking multiplies vallue in use and reunites 8 billion peoples with mother nature's evolutionart scorbard


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

last chance to design education which values youth livelihoods

as adam smith observed, the english never designed education round youth's futures

260 years after smith and watt started up the world of machines and humans, are those who come to glasgow cop26 serious about changing education enough to empower today's youth to be the first sdg generation ? that is our species defining questions

if anyone can design a procress to mediate a transformation in education who would you recommend following?

among billionnaires, we suggest considering charles yidan -tencent's co-founder now focusing on education from his vantage point in hong kong - because he is designing the most cooperative worldwide network we have seen in 37 years since 1984's 2025 report

barefoot chinese medics

 search request in your part of the world's history- know of anywhere that a place leader foubded a hospital that inspired all the community's trust and became linked to university engineers -us cases stanford, boston - not  quite bard-ny-columbia-nyu

in the 1970s tropical village mothers in bangladesh and china faced the same life critical challenges and solution networks

half of infants under 5 were dying of diarrhea- fazle abed worked out how to get illiterate village mothers to apply oral rehydration - the solution connected last mile village health services - brac's para-health workers, china's barefoot medics - unicef james grant provided some of finance once he saw abed had an efficient way of peer to peer training village women- next grant and abed collaboeated on vaccinating rural nations

between 1970s and 1900s bangladesh and chinese village women shared about 10 solutions - can you name any better yet when chinese capitalism began in 1976 the country's leaders did not have a complete idea on what private businesses to licence when they saw bangladesh village mothers businesses they legislated this as one of the first 3 forms of chinese capitalism ; in the 2020s youth's sustainability will depend on chinese capitalism at community levels linking deep data at least in health and climate markets; whether this would have happened without abed spotting bangladesh and chinese poorest villagers need to share solutions so that billion asia and ended extreme poverty is a question you would need a more quantitative survey of barefoot chinese medics than we can supply below- meanwhile when abed launched brac university to celebrate the new century the crown jewel : the james grant school of public health and its continued connections with cholera network researchers melinda gates reviews as epicentral  

James P Grant School of Public Health | Brac University

examples of barefoot chinese medics networkers lifelong contributions

1 ying lowrey went from barefoot chinese networking to degrees in usa and 25 years of supporting us small enterprises mentored by nobel economics professor phelps and by professor baumol ; 

..How much credit can be given to entrepreneurship for the unprecedented innovation and growth of free-enterprise economies? In this book, some of the world’s leading economists tackle this difficult and understudied question, and their responses shed new light on how free-market economies work — and what policies most encourage their growth.

The contributors take as their starting point William J. Baumol’s 2002 book The Free-Market Innovation Machine (Princeton), which argued that independent entrepreneurs are far more important to growth than economists have traditionally thought, and that an implicit partnership between such entrepreneurs and large corporations is critical to the success of market economies.

The contributors include the editors and Robert M. Solow, Kenneth J. Arrow, Michael M. Weinstein, Douglass C. North, Barry R. Weingast, Ying Lowrey, Nathan Rosenberg, Melissa A. Schilling, Corey Phelps, Sylvia Nasar, Boyan Jovanovic, Peter L. Rousseau, Edward N. Wolff, Deepak Somaya, David J. Teece, Naomi R. Lamoreaux, Kenneth L. Sokoloff, Yochanan Shachmurove, Ralph E. Gomory, Jonathan Eaton, Samuel S. Kortum, Alan S. Blinder, Robert J. Shiller, Burton G. Malkiel, and Edmund S. Phelps..

in late 2000s she retured to beijing where she was asked to develop their Small Medium Enterprise economics curricula- she was ordered to write up the case study of jack ma first - this became her book the alibaba way - the book discusses how english teacher/translator jack ma happened to be in seattle on his first us visit in 1995 when bezos launched amazon; over the next 15 years ma took the sme route to everything - eg taobao village university- no stock just the algorithms of supply and delivery chains; partnering with yahoo's yang and japans masa son; almost by accident alipay and  ant finance emerged too after ma had challenged bangladeshi financiers to creating the next 100 million livelihoods ; by 2017 ma was taking 20% share in brac's bkash; by sept 2019 jack ma had returned to his first vocation -education

2 the chen family were firends of abed and his first wife as described in martha's book on brc the quiet revolution- there the story of oral rehydration networking out of east pakistan cholera lab to brac and barefoot chinese medics is told; about 25 years later when sorois visited brac xmas 2006 to understand bracs barefoot tb networks, the vhen family were adked by soros to link the launch of brac usa out of new yourk with columbia university's mailman school; ironically about 130 years earlier the founder of bard university a soros new uni partner in new york state had helped fund medical faculties at columbia u and nyu

Monday, April 26, 2021

 while i have lived in dc i have been saddened by most thinktanks- of course as a scottish follower of how james wilson in 1843 used the royal society to gossip why queen victoria needed to end slavery and promote commonweath- there are 2 opposite segments od thinktanks - i very much admire Wang Huiyao ccg in beijing- where i attended an event there in 2018 there were 12 hours of 7 minute presentations made by people wanting worldwide youth to win-win on health, climate future of tech , livelihood education- i wish there was dc thinktank like that

-meanwhile you can youtube with some recent mediations of henry wang 

future of globalization: a flatter and deeper world? ——A conversation with Mr. Thomas L. Friedman

March 29th,2021

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Moving forward into new future: China and the world in the upcoming two sessions —— A conversation with Prof. Kerry Brown from King’s College London

March 2nd,2021

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Global Economic Outlook in the Post-Pandemic Era : Dr. Ayhan Kose discusses the Global Economic Prospects 2021

January 13th,2021

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CCG-Hinrich Foundation presents webinar | De-risking US-China conflict: what will the next four years be?

October 30th,2020

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CCG Conversation with Nobel Laureate Prof. Michael Levitt

October 27th,2020

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Talent Magnets of Eurasia: Re-Launching Urban Talent Attraction and Retention

September 18th,2020

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Rebooting the Belt and Road Initiative amidst the pandemic: challenges, prospects, and innovations

August 26th,2020

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Introducing the “World Migration Report 2020” :Online Seminar on the Challenges and Opportunities of World Migration

August 25th,2020

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Global Health Governance and International Cooperation:Is great powers cooperation still possible?

August 19th,2020

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Sino-Africa dialogue on challenges and cooperation in pandemic times

August 11th,2020

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Will the Society Go into Zero Carbon? Book Release and the Dialogue with Jeremy Rifkin

July 7th,2020

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CCG report release: China-US non-governmental cooperation in response to COVID-19: Current conditions, challenges and prospects

July 6th,2020

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Online forum in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter— Enhancing multilateralism to collectively achieve the sustainable development goals

June 24th,2020

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How will the pandemic crisis impact global economy?— Director of the World Bank's Prospects Group analyses proepects for the global economy

June 12th,2020

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Global Cooperation to Fight COVID-19:Challenges and Opportunities | Sub-Forum 4

June 10th,2020

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A Looming Food Crisis on Top of the Coronavirus Crisis: Roots, Solutions, and International Cooperation

May 18th,2020

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India and China: two Asian giants amid a pandemic

May 15th,2020

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Technology and Coronavirus: Lessons and Proposals from China and the United States

April 29th,2020

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The year of Europe on hold amid a pandemic: perspectives on European integration and China-Europe cooperation

April 23rd,2020

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The world under fire: the role of the WTO in a global response to COVID-19 pandemic

April 20th,2020

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How will COVID-19 change the landscape of international education

April 17th, 2020

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COVID-19: opportunity or challenge for US-China trade and beyond

April 9th, 2020

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Coping with a pandemic: perspectives from the global business community

April 1st,2020

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Saturday, April 24, 2021

fashion markets

covid is an evil disease- it mainly kills people who were in their last 5 years of life and doesnt give their families a chance to say goodbye

but it also deletes at least 2 community jobs per death- some of which will never return
in poor countries we dont yet know if starvation due to disruption of food chains will kill more than covid itself

we dont know what the impacts on kids are where their real schools -let alone other safe community spaces - disappear for years

perhaps most of all covid demonstrates to people in communities how little their national or in the eu's case supranational public servants really understand how to map value chains so family's local enterprises thrive= take the nearly 3 trillion dollar market of clothes and fashions discussed in this video- a market where youth produce the value but elders rip everyone off? can #metoo and #livesmatter take back local heroine platforms if so how do fashions arts sports figure in and have you noticed to flow as a star in these skills areas practice/action learning not standard examination is the way to value your uique contributions- interestingly the same goes for coding and humanising machine intel but shh dont let anyone over 30 knows where youth markets can change our race from extinction to sustainability

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