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 Dear Professor Chen - Harvard Author QuietRevolution Wiego Mission-FamilyTree

I wondered if you could give me some advice on whom and how to contact someone like Malloch Brown or Greg Chen or Shameran Abed or anyone concerned with Fazle Abed's biggest idea connecting his life's work and higher education

Soon after my father Norman Macrae died in 2010 the Japan Ambassador to Bangladesh invited me to 2 brainstorming dinners with Fazle Abed. There he told us of his legacy intent to connect brac university with 100 graduate-female scholars networks of sustainability goals generation . I went to Bangladesh 15 times to help file notes blogged at  http://www.abedmooc.com 

For many reasons - from covid to how Abed's illness accelerated before he could fully brief the new vice chancellor he had chosen, to barriers raised across Asia by Trump etc - the University collaboration idea (and other tech partnerships like that with alipay) are off path even as they remain the most scalable chance for under 35s to leap ahead and support Guterres Summit Future 2023. 

On the tech side I am now helping coordinate research for an AI Hall of SDG fame with Von Neumann's family - my dad became his first biographer and this month 30 years later a new Neumann bio is out. I have footnoted a bit more context on how father was The Economist's 3ed half century sub-editor of end Asian poverty (that being what founder and Adam Smith alumni James Wilson started 1843-60)

Sincerely Chris Macrae
Washington DC Region  +1 240 316 8157
1760 glasgow smith & watt JFKennedySir Fazle ABED 1 2 3.. brac & girl-power & earth & EconomistDiary 1 2 yuang longping
We can now see that the 5 compasses needed to respond to schumacher's question how to end poverty of a million villages correspond to the 5 core public service markets that a transparent analysis of eSG would value expoentially:
S2 access to human energy - ie security of food, water. clean air
S3 access to last mile health especially basics for infants, children and mothers
S4 With over 60% of humans working informally: Access to livelihood education (community experiential and small enterprise learning) so that villages enjoyed full employment through positive cash flow models
S5 Building (servant leadership) 100000 person lives matter community . Human rights most exciting entrepreneirial revolution has shown that even without tech a dedicated public servant leader (eg adopting franciscan paulo freire values) supporting the world's most entrepreneurial mothers can empower 100,000 person communities where all lives matter. more at abedmooc.com
value chain governace oof finance for the poorest - such as this 6 dimension integration over the first 50 years of Bangladesh's nation building more at abedmooc.com.
You could call my father Norman (teachforsdgs.com, 1 2 4 The Forest Gump of entrepreneurship). He tried to value the borderless knowhow millennials would most urgently need to action as the worldwide sustainability generation. By 1976 his Economist surveys of Entrepreneurial Revolution were advocating that places' services and system maps needed to prep opportunities for 21st c youth to make the best of 2 experiential learning worlds:
1 world class digital networks
2 lives matter last mile community network where children and families develop

Father had been blessed with multiple good fortunes to get to 1976 from his birth in a British Embassy in Russia's Konisberg of 1923

he had survived being home schooled in british embassies in some of Europe's moat hateful place notably Stalin's Moscow and places where Jews were trying to escape from Hitler

he had survived spending his last days as a teenager as navigator allied bomber command burma campaign

in the first 6 years after world war 2 he was mentored by 3 people whose innovations views most mattered to world class joirnalism: john von neumann, sir geoffrey crowther , maynard keynes (NCK). 

**From von neumann dad was given the biggest scoop of worldwide journalism. Ask leaders what will they be doing with 100 time smore tech per decade 1950s to 2020s; that a million times "moore" if they are planning 30 years (half the world's population ahead)
**Geoffrey Crowther had edited The Economist's centenary autobiography in 1943. Because of The Economist's' collegiate instead of individualistic viewpoint, Crowther's work isnt simple to reference academically. The 3 sources I use are the common sense of editorials in The Economist during his editorship, the 1943 autobiography, a published series of lectures he gave at claremont. Additionally Crowther like all those living up The Economist's 1843 founding would start every economist alumni off by studying Adam Smith (which fortunately for Norman had been the only books he had with him in Burma).
**Keynes ; in the final chapter of the general theory of money , interest and employment keynes asks a most valuable question that he was concerned his final graduate classes honored as alumni of his knowhow- practically speaking next generations opportunities and threats are exponentially locked in by a handful of people- do you see wo these people are and how is transparency/human sustainability brought to the consequences of their decision-,making

 Dads wartime experiences put google maps in his head a generation ahead of most other intellectuals and place leaders. He was deeply concerned how world war 2's root cause had become the G8 empires (7 white representing about one sixth of the human race's diversity though most of earth north of the tropics. To father permission to sign one annual survey a year from 1962  was a great joy -this came after 15 years of writing about 1000 anonymous editorials published weekly (including only journalist at birth of european union as well as connector of interdependence mindsets which included President Kennedy as well as the 3 aforementioned wizards). Father's chose as his first survey how the rise of japan offered a model around which the two thirds of humans who are Asians could rise- in 1962 the model was already multiplying win-win trades for people surrounded by east asia shipping lanes - japan s korea taiwan hk and singapore (with notable thanks to 1962 of the peace umbrella and engineering foci that usa had actionable freed these peoples to design).

a bezos & j ma- world's biggest market makers versus fashion's rebecca minkoff .v neumann - dad The Economist's norman macrae was privileged to meet von neumann
and be his biographer-what if youth's sustainability depends most on engineers?
.jf kennedy

 www.Olympics22.com Hi Jeanne/Fady- sorry about length... do our energies most deeply support each other?

can female humanoids solve the biggest media crisis in the world? -  where could Jeanne visit in Boston (early april?) as well as if you feel that what Martina Von Neumanns want to see as first AI Hall of fame matches what you'd like to see game change the next 18 months (a timeline Guterres has set 2023 Unga summit of futures of all beings)


In the 1980s i helped 2 boston professors collect largest database  (express software first of its kind in decade that minicomputers mattered)  of what societies wanted from globally branded corporations. By accident french hq company i was working at became responsible for all surveys in Asia - about 500, starting with unilever Indonesia 1982: my first asian trip - I have now traveled to Asia over 50 times and Unilever's original question- what helps poorest Asian muslim women has been a common thread whilst noticing chinese diaspora multiply trade everywhere certainly what has grown engineers'  supercities (something dad first surveyed in The Economist of 1962)...Starting1988 Economist survey "year of brand" (micklethwait who we gave the story too now edits bloomberg) I have tried to link people who value any sort of open-but-structured communications/behaviours round this question: what would world uniquely miss if XXX did not exist? (XXX could be the UN it could be zbee (beingAI.com)  it could be von neumann it could be whichever is the world largest corporation; or it could be which ever asian female olympics star you trust most as wanting her generation to share in being superheroines) aka www.womensverse.net

. 1999 in a triple issue of journal of market management i guest edited : valuing corporate brand reality (& my book brand chartering focused on leading unique organising purpose).                                                        - you can segment "the world" that xxx compounds consequences into many different subnetworks either demanding or serving  the purpose (and then transparent leaders have to show at every cycle of governance how the life of that promise makes or breaks each constituency's trust as  compounded/integrated truly by unique purpose). Ironically if a physical engineer does not relentlessly integrate foundations - the whole falls down. With tangible accountants or apparently intangibles engineers like zukenberg it appears the collapse only occurs when it has brought us all down. The same could be said for I presume (globally ignorant) biotech designers of covid... so, we could have known for at least 30 years now that sustainability generation in a chaotically webbed through world of human and artificial relationships composing requirement for a totally different audit need than most western boardrooms have ever yet used though when i worked in the japan of the 1980s best japanese (and potentially all Asian consciousness led) companies applied governance round purpose (actually founders of most organisations that grew with society tacitly used a purpose audit but mbas who take over from them suffer from the harvard mba virus opposite to purposeful founders.

which  XXX could be a corporate brand, a billionaire,  the lead humanoid branch of robotics, von neumann alumni, zbee , hong kong - any system that gravitates communities of life. From 2002 harvard with the exception of 2 people (one interested in deep qualitative interviewing, the other interested in communities wpf practice) hated chartering question especially as I had spent 10 years at price water house coopers applying it to missing measurements when the only metrics a board uses are 90 day tangible accounting. In 2000 my main ally  in dc (author unseen wealth) at georgetown law school was fired by bush's inner circle because she got too close to asking ahead of time what  was purpose of enron, worldcom, other fake utlities that texas and andersen accounting brought to the millennium...conversely mit connected alumni across boston were interested in what would world of 21st miss if mit alumni did not exist. Edward Roberts at sloan business school who probably introduced year round entrepreneur competitions into every faculty instead of just a business competition wrote a report - without mit usa would miss both unique purpose of 21st C job creating higher education and engineers for good. 

Jeanne I write this - firstly fady has been living this inside his peer generation of mit for most of 21st C ;;secondly because I have a lot of questions : what sorts of conversations might zbee most want to be linkedin wirh ; having studied western media since i graduated, its all too easy to amplify mass hatreds;  much harder to app media to celebrate what next generation most wants to advance human lot around; 

: you might think educators would make it is easy for the next generation to  sustain the futures bur currently for whatever reason in the west, at least, Ed has be polluted by media and lost safety in community- unesco has just published a report saying education is broken everywhere ..all sorts of other agendas where over 60s are cashing out of the world instead of investing in millennials; notoriously 300 trillion dollars of western pension money still doesnt recognise any sdg innovation investment as asset grade!

here are some specific questions about the period between now and end of april - in other words before during and after jeanne's us trip

1 can we help with whom jeanne meets in boston (mit .. tufts ...wherever else humanoids and robots or questions about von neumann legacy connect- eg berners lee still says the web he wanted to design doesnt yet exist- is there a zbee subcommunity of how can friends of zbee help friends of berners lee)

by accident tufts is part of hosting a million student conversation on climate on march 30 (its main other partner is all of soros open society networks and so OSF leader malloch brown who author the 2000 millennium goals while at   UN); guterres has said the main summit he wants to host in 2023 is futures of all, not COP futures as only defined by 200 nations leaders

in my life time the one thousandth of the world's people from hong kong have contributed more than any other one thousandth i can think oif (with possible exception of true mit /neumann alumni)- it could be incredibly timely if jeanne could contact HK people at www.yidanprize.org - i think they  are struggling too with how do the values of openness for advancing humanity blossom in everything they sponsor without getting sucked into HK-global politics

my friend at american university has found a nice way of connecting worldwide millennials beyond barriers nations set up ; apparently back in wales of 1913 a higher ed course was taught on youth's global affairs - so his work connects that - in november he was at an oxford union debate- by a vote of 2 to 1- youth should not look only to america to provide the lead they need; oddly a wall street genre of the same sort has emerged around the biggest fund manager dalio; and there is still the question is ESG the way to get financiers to debate what investment/society is being compounded by money where; the people i trust most in the esg debate in new york are 1 japanese 2 ,musicians/artistic youth plus a few daring under 35s who have worked themselves into semi-influential positions at places like deutsche bank

I dont know if one of the paragraphs above should have been the main one between the three of us; coming back to jeanne's diary who did zbee most want to amplify what actionable conversations with? and should this conversation be widened to include people like rebecca or is this firstly a question about future of humanoids and robotics and how this connects with all the other tech multipliers which von neumann family is happy to be piloted as AI Hall of Fame if we can find www scouts of whom to nominate

borlaugdemingmr & mrs steve jobs berners-lee global id mistake.fei-fei listanford family.james grant ..shannon maylarry brilliantbill gates..Wang Huiyao ..florence nightingale.barefoot chinese medics.jim kim.george soros. attenborough familynobel dr yunus 1 2gandhieinsteinmandelaquiz ABED CONNECTED THE MOST COLLABORATIVE SOLUTIONS SO BILLION ASIAN VILLAGE WOMEN ENDED POVERTY 1970-2020 - NAME UP TO 10 OF HIS BIGGEST PARTNERS
3X3 last mile health
.jim kim.bill/melinda gatesfamily stanford
james grant.Abed.larry brilliant
.florence nightingale & clara barton.franciscans/clares.barefoot chinese medics
last chance- change education
louise richardsonSchwarzman/ Li-Ka ShingCharles Yidan
Sheikha MozaAbed.Lee Kuan Yew
Fei-Fei Li , JerryYangGuterres/claresNieman/Khan
top 2021 youth sdg networks march: luminaries -education & tech : feb developing edu & health; jan: engineering's greatest : december: sustainability hidden agenda: Americans who valued Asians ; november deep valley networking; october livesmatter herstory

50 system views smith &
who can younger world market sdgs with? and where share mask off coffee eg unga 76 ny sept cop26 nov sdgscafe.com
montessorifrancisguterres..jeff bezos.jack ma.maso son.schwarzman/rhodes
louise richardson
.bloomberg-hopkinsli ka-shing..mahbubani/lee kuan yew.tang taiwanberners lee/torvaulds.p ma/yidan..royals of japan uk netherlands dubai qatar jordan.schwabelon musk..steve jobssergey brin kai-fu lee cindy mi kobe bryantezra vogel deng.anne dunham..urgent place leaders collabs 2021-2.sheika moza - mother of all global education laureate alumni of sir fazle abed wise educationaboveall wish womens university campus some delegates from 3 wise summits madrid beijing qatar illustrate diversity of 360 degree education grows youths futures- i made these country delegate lists around 2017.mayors of tokyo and beijing - stuck with the costs of olympics and covid.vice chancellor oxford at cross roads of ireland-scotland; oxford vaccines; schwarzman-rhodes; yidan luminaries............

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 is there anywhere in the west connecting sdg under 35s entrepreneurs like boston rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you think so

Our Boston tour has emerged informally from friendships gathered round nearly annual visits since 2002> This version has been updated to celebrate visit by one of world’s leading humanoid designers -with your help far deeper or around any tech for humanity networker – Jeanne LIM CEO of Hanson robotics Hong Kong when Sophia became un humanoid ambassador – now aiming to keep eg metaverse human by replicating zbee www.beingai.com(there are many advantages of a humanoid ambassador- one of them is to explain what coders learn from designing robots 5 human senses which also informs how to apply human senses (eg virtual reality, helping disabled people with a missing sense). Additionally, Fady Saad whom I met when we both assister mit100k judging panel 2009 (then editing main post grad newsletter on Boston events ecosystem- now lead massrobotics.org)


Jeanne zoomed in this month to tech facilitate debate metaverse

Tufts wit NY-OSUN largest college collaboration – 300+ colleges Taloria civic engagement … partnership with university of ending poverty by serving microfranchises of platform for 100000 village women’s community building to end poverty (abedmooc.com)

Tufts alumni include top 10 end poverty networks Reta Roy Mastercard foundation Toronto

Also tufts leader in: conceptspring; youth diplomats, youth as journalists, arctic circle Collaboratory

Since 2010 4 major global education prize networks have emerged -all have interesting Asian and Boston connections -particularly Hong Kong’s Yidan Prize and partners of world’s largest NGO network the legacy of 50 years of end poverty collaboration between Fazle Abed and bottom billion asian vilage women abedmooc.com

Harvard: Future of last mile health services: 4 hemisphere  -started bt franciscan students interaction with harvard course for medics & anthrolpologists; linkedin womens networks wellesel ophelia dahl; son of sports agent;– www.pih.org (farmer/kim ); changed global fund/who/nih dynamics early 2000s with gates, abed, soros> kim (3 main infectious diseas tb, malaria, aids) then led world bank 2012-8; practice epicentres brigham women; haiti rebulit teaching hospital; rwanda africa’s main teaching hospital, russian dissident prisons (Soros fund). Epidemioligits always understood basic health requires global collabs before competition; why noit yet understod on climate, education …? Cf nye interview; ash transnational studies (late great ezra vogel)


Cross cultural arts celebrations seen by MIT as part of intergenerational joy and support for mental health of enetrepreneius in extreme settings such as ending plagues or supporting refugees. See also silk road ensemble and connections with new yorks 5 millennails artsists networks-also dicsussed at qatar WISH

MIT Future of worldwide web & open educational media: from 1990 tim berners lee relocates from cern (Geneva); mit arguably first college to openly publish curriculum. But also fromj 1995 Americans lost www as greatest learning network to viral ad agents. JMM triple issue 1999. see also 1 ans 2 edx (though now partly sold). Mooc reclaim our learning crisis has spun since 2008 on.USA largest student debt.

Today Geneva ops epicenters of tech (itu #aiforgood) in eg health who, food wfp, …

From 1960 MIT (facing Atlantic) started twinning AI labs (ie von neumann alumni) with stanford (facing pacific)

JFK’s launch of 1960s decade round first 100 times more tech goal moon landing completed by women coders MIT or code of actual moon landing

Around 1915 Sloan Management school asked by general motors to develop course 15 engineering. Labs likely to know what’s next AI:

Futureoflife.org  t

MIT csail             mit-ibmlab

MIT Prof Edward Roberts at Sloan Management school launches year round entrepreneur competitions within and across engineering faculties (not just as a business school focus)

From late 1980s architecture/smart cities faculty merges with digital media lab; new media lab building becomes favorite conference centre of boston as well as central hub of MIT 100k competition ( a benchmark model for how to sync university year with entrepreneur competitions -3 parts – one minute virtual pitches to assemble teams; accelerator during winter break ; winning entries of year eg April. Major engineering cross-fertilization lab viewable from elevators- key strengths included engineers for amputees and Picard’s research of how advances in robot 5 senses also help disabled humans

Trust center also launches exec education particularly for twin city connectors.

MIT media lab has reputation for choosing to be led by entrepreneurs outside traditional academia- began with Negroponte who also dared glorious failure mit100k and wikis; then joi ito linking Japan and us entrepreneurs; square mile MIT Kendall metro your of the future- see also eg books like sorcerer apprentice and journal MIT tech

Paradox – in USA infrastructure engineering is distributed across continent eg 6 engineering capitals ; whereas Asian model supercity capital- all engineers and all financiers network in same space. Connections between MIT and UN remain unclear (1 new york; 2 Geneva; 3 Asia ; 4 Netherlands  lead global climate adaptation

From 1995 MIT became global practice partner of how 2g mobiles could change villages previously excluded from electricity grids; this connected tech of solar, mobile with leapfrog models of deep women’s empowerment networks (Bangladesh) and youth slum mobile mpesa kenya

mit & deep climate adapt includes : https://crewsnet.mit.edu/

MIT mobile convergences summits linked in Dubai legatum bank and then Abdul Latif (Toyota’s middle east franchise_); became MIT’s main sponsor of d-lab and jpal poverty lab; this lab won 2019 Nobel economics prize for validating potential 50 country extension of brac ultra poor and brac play schools. Back in 1995 early support came additionally from Nordica and Soros

MIT becomes epicenjtre of smart cities- particular foci include 3d printing , textiles,  internet of things, virtual reality

Schwarzman provides 250 million dollar fund for MIT upgrade for 2020s and triangular collaboration with Schwartzman Tsinghua Beijing and oxford (ethics , Rhodes transnational scholars)

About 20 mitef alumni networks share MIT job creating education with cities around the world, and sustainable purposes of multi-win world trade; additional connection within boston include eg Babson conscious cap entrepreneurs ; also impact of boston-ny=princeton-dc-texas corridor ( see parallels jfk-neumann) eg Neumann’s computers open sourced to IBM , then dec Boston led minis before gates wrote soft that cnanged ibm pc world- and started turning Seattle in west coast’s boston!?….


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 While the half of the world under 30 probably has less than 10% of financial power, they should buy chips companies- up 26% now over half a trillion dollars as a market

as intel used to brand it is the chip inside that has delivered 100 times more economic/analytic advantage per decade since 1965 (alumni of moore/silicon valley) committed to delivering such innovation

the catch 22 : very few of us 8 billion users of apps know whose chip is inside - yet no tech company (probably 90% of the top 100 global corporates ) would exist without chips (vital to mmass consumers and much of IOT)

so who produces chips - intel the birth of the brand silicon valley compudning 100 time "moore" since 1965 ; strangely due to crazy politicians (banning us nvidia's purchase) the uk's arm remains for sale even as japan's softbank parlays it; 3 years ago in a covid free world softbank could have supported youths futures unlike any other corporation and been at the epicentre of all the happiest that japan has given to world trade win-wins since 1962.. 

taiwan last claim to independence is nothing to do with american politicians and everything to do with its cgi[p capability

there is something very strange about chip production - koreans seem to be better at its extreme innovation  than eg china, japan, germany usa or anywhere - quite why depends on deep cultural understandings - what  a pity that korea and japan havent yet agreed to completely invest in each other (north korea not withstanding no where on the contient of asia has contributed so much hard working young people per head than korea south -probably the most u8ndervaklued millennials in the mobile world and humanising AI

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jerry yang -amazing what yang keeps youth connecting even while curveballs in youth connecting are thrown by so many 

 Stanford alumnus Jerry Yang, founding partner of AME Cloud Ventures and co-founder of Yahoo!, has been elected chair of the Stanford University Board of Trustees, succeeding Jeff Raikes.\

 BY KATE CHESLEY Jerry Yang, a Stanford graduate who co-founded the search engine and web services provider Yahoo! and is currently the founding partner of the venture fund AME Cloud Ventures, has been elected chair of the Stanford University Board of Trustees. His two-year term begins July 1, 2021. “I’m humbled and honored to serve my fellow trustees, and to work with Stanford’s exceptional leadership and faculty members,” Yang said. “Stanford has the opportunity to execute on its Long-Range Vision, to be part of the solution that faces our communities, nation and globe.

”Yang, who earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering in 1990 from Stanford, succeeds Jeff Raikes, co-founder of the Raikes Foundation and former chief executive of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Raikes has served as chair since 2017. He will remain on the board of trustees after his term as chair concludes. Raikes praised Yang as being “uniquely positioned to help lead Stanford as it emerges from these challenging times and continues pursuing its mission of being a purposeful university. His experience in founding and leading several Silicon Valley companies, his knowledge of and commitment to Stanford and his insightful understanding of the issues facing higher education make him an exceptional choice as chair of the board of trustees.” He added, “Jerry and his wife, Akiko, have made inspiring contributions to Stanford that have been as visionary as they are generous. Their interests and areas of expertise are wide-ranging, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the university itself. Stanford has been fortunate to have benefited from their talent and support.” Silicon Valley entrepreneur 

Yang was born in Taipei and immigrated to the United States in 1978, growing up in San Jose, California. Yang co-founded Yahoo! in 1995 with fellow Stanford graduate student David Filo and served on its board and as a member of its executive team until 2012, including as CEO from 2007 to 2009. In 2012, he founded AME Cloud Ventures, a venture fund that invests in seed-stage to later-stage tech companies that build infrastructure and value chains around data. At Stanford, Yang has served twice on the board of trustees, the first time from 2005 to 2015. He joined the board again in October 2017 and has served as its vice chair. He currently serves on numerous Stanford boards and committees, including the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) Advisory Council, the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program Advisory Board, the Cantor Arts Center Director’s Advisory Committee and the School of Engineering’s Accelerator Task Force. 

 Yang and Filo were recognized as Engineering Heroes by the Stanford School of Engineering in 2013. The program recognizes the achievements of Stanford engineers who have advanced the course of human, social and economic progress through engineering. Varied philanthropic interests Yang and his wife, Akiko Yamazaki, also a Stanford graduate, have been long-term supporters of many areas of the university, including naming the Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building, better known as Y2E2. In addition, they have supported the Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge, the Bing Concert Hall, the renovation of Frost Amphitheater and a number of athletic facilities, including the new Stanford Stadium. Yang and Yamazaki also have supported many professorships, fellowships and scholarships in academic departments throughout the university, ranging from a professorship in HAI to an undergraduate scholarship fund to a faculty scholar position in Pediatric Translational Medicine. They have supported a wide range of programs, including COVID-19 research under the Innovative Medicines Accelerator.

 Other areas of support include the Woods Institute for the Environment, the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program, Stanford centers in Japan and China, the Haas Center for Public Service and the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. Yang was also involved in endowing the Yahoo! Founders Professorship and the David Filo and Jerry Yang Faculty Scholar Fund, both in engineering. Yang currently sits on the boards of Alibaba, Workday and Lenovo. He also serves as director of the Monterey Peninsula Foundation and a trustee of Dunhuang Foundation (USA). He is a member of the Committee of 100 and the Council on Foreign Relations. He previously served on the boards of Cisco Systems and Asian Pacific Fund of San Francisco.

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world bank search most exciting youth knowhow webs -year 9

related economist's most exciting knowhow from asia year 60

 dear ANGEL+ -lisha yong han

could you send any links in english-

i have attended world bank youth summits since 2013

dont recall anything as exciting as your contribution -mental health platforms at community levels through pandemic are best youth-led education use imaginable

my wechat not currently working text +1 240 316 8157

Keynote SpeakerMari Pangestu, World Bank Managing Director of Development Policy and Partnerships.

Speaker: Mr. Djordjija Petkoski, Lecturer and Senior Fellow, The Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania

Moderator: Noreyana Fernando, External Affairs Officer, World Bank

The winners for the Ideas for Action are:

  1. Adnan Ahmed Qureshi, ELAN team lead, Pakistan - South Asia region
  2. Delphin Kaze, KABIOF team lead, Burundi - Eastern and Southern Africa
  3. Elena Bozhinovska, Walkiie team lead, Macedonia - Europe and Central Asia
  4. Lisha Zhu, Angel+ team lead, China - East Asia and the Pacific
  5. Francis Maduakor, Dronagro, team lead, Nigeria - Northern and Western Africa
  6. MarĂ­a Francisca Silva, Cormo Alimentos team lead, Chile - Latin America and the Caribbean and North America
  7. Mohannad Hesham, “Buy me filter” team lead, Egypt - Middle East and North Africa region

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 was jfk's administration the last to fully value youth's futures?

why no more moonshot challenges after kennedy? how did nixon's hatred of student "bums" turn into exponentials of college debt? did any admin after kennedy see rising of two thirds of humans who are asian as an opportunity in knowledge markets such as health, climate, feeding the world and humanising ai?

quiz - if kennedy had lived what american dreams might have thrived?

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk love to hear your dream debates- mine include

all lives matter? (truth is as a scot i dont fully understand what american society needed its public servants to do to truly end racial hatred in the 1960s- maybe i am over-hopeful about irish americans ability to bridge wrongs colonial empire legislatures spun) 

i believe transitions in washington dc propelled round innovative youth not elders vested interests? all over the world peoples were cheering on successful moon race- if mankind can make thqat leap soon no mission will be impossible) each new administration could have celebrated yout's next moon race down on earth; but then my family interprets satellite communications as ending cost of distance in sharing life-critical info

transformation in maths and engineering curricula states-wide and not just in silicon valley? as an ma in statistics from damtp cambridge what little i know is i learnt maths in ways totally opposite from american curriculum of maths; its sad to see the subject i love made so destructive of childrens self-confidence the way its been taught in usa-- for example coding wizards need experiential trining like musicians and artits not stanrdised examining

HUNICORNS=livesmatter startup networks too life critical for investors to exit or politicians to quarrel over

 abed's servant leadership multiplied mother's love of infant and engineering open systems

abed empowered village women to build bangladesh which was born as a new nation 1972 as 8th most populous and poorest

25 ABED HUNICORNS  networks- `    his most trusted worldrecordjobs.com partners include:

HEALTH james grant, jim kim,  bill/melinda gates , george soros

food security borlaug/world food prize alumni

asian women rural keynesiansm networks - chinese rural and medical village women hold up half the sky

youth development - royal families of uk, japan, netherlands

technology quadirs at mit/legatum, jack ma


 a valuable question - where did actions taken by nation's digital ministers help save the peoples from covid - this question is likely to provide clues on what we peoples need from other crises to local sustainability including climate, and livelihood education

tang in taiwan seems to be one of the world's most exciting cases - love to hear other nominations - eg singapore is looking good but it has a small and uniformly educated population

tang is a benchmark for a lot more than covid

she has helped connect brilliant under 30s tech wizards with reverse mentoring elders in government

recently she even cheered up youth in fukishima responding to their questions on how do youth rebuild future of a place brand that everyone else is scared of

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50 systems views

 summer 2021 - related reference - red gold & blue- what does it mean to you?

to scots, at least adam smith, is a very interesting person to be a leatning an action alumni of-

 his 2 main books can be interpreted as views of systems before machines were invented 1756 moral sentiments - and during the first 16years of james watts machines- smith did not trust london capitalists who wee already 50 years into colonising scotland- see thinning of scots livelihoods which led to scots being 80% diaspora nation  - today when you read so called smithian free market experts you literally have to ask yourself in sysems terms how would smith grade these so-called guru alumni of his works

many free market gurus would get absolute failure- and thats because any economist who doesnt expoential

y integrate sustainability into his ruling system is out of sync with smiths love of nature, health, cultures which were his starting pont before debating moras and machies uses

probably the deepest 21st s summary od smith was made by the late great professor skinner just after bangladeshi women empowrment leaders had been invited to deliver the 250th speech on moral sentiments- here is skinner's final paper

50 system maps -

 library of adam smith starting with skinners paper inal paper

library of frenchman jb say - declared by peter drucker to have coined entreprenueur- what social model does a nation map next having cut off the heads of those who monolplised productive assets

library of james wilson from 143- goal use media to convince queen victoria to tranform british empire -and english speaking cultures- from processes of slavemaking and genocide to commonwealth

36 networks you can join if you value connecting sustainability goals with the neworks that billion poorest women empoweed since 1970 abedmooc.com


trillion dollar markets as systems -which market purposes most explain exponential destruction or sustaimability of which un goals?

health as an sdg system

waste and water as a system -which segment of ciries see this as most urgent challenge

-what other segments do smart sister cities see as their most urgent sustainability innovation to solve?

education as an sdg meta-system and how many trillion dollar sub-systems

transparency of professions with monoploies to score as a system

machine energy as an sdg system

human needs for energy/food/water as a system

100% community safety as a system nextchild born grows up in

sports, arts, fashions as sdg-youth-led systems

money as an sdg system

land use for homes as a system

mapping world trade routes and transportation infrastructures 

what media of naturalists we all choose to unite round including whether goingto zero carbon will ever be dne in time

7th decade of von neumann's legacy as a system including artificial intel and 100 times moore tech every decade since 1957 -thats more than trillion times more than code of moon landing- world economic forum sustem designers study this at industrianl revolution 4 metahubs out of geneva san francisco tokyo beijing  (india ?) as well as various smart city hubs- there is not agreement over the 2 main adiitions to industrial revolution of von neumann but alumni of his biograher suggest ir4 is how all 2020s tech convergences to autonomous systems- ie ones governed real time by tech not by public servants - and ir3 is how to design 100% livelihhods of potentially humans happiest and most connected age- unlike consuming up things, ir3 opportunity is sharing life-critical knowhow through community action networking multiplies vallue in use and reunites 8 billion peoples with mother nature's evolutionart scorbard


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

last chance to design education which values youth livelihoods

as adam smith observed, the english never designed education round youth's futures

260 years after smith and watt started up the world of machines and humans, are those who come to glasgow cop26 serious about changing education enough to empower today's youth to be the first sdg generation ? that is our species defining questions

if anyone can design a procress to mediate a transformation in education who would you recommend following?

among billionnaires, we suggest considering charles yidan -tencent's co-founder now focusing on education from his vantage point in hong kong - because he is designing the most cooperative worldwide network we have seen in 37 years since 1984's 2025 report

barefoot chinese medics

 search request in your part of the world's history- know of anywhere that a place leader foubded a hospital that inspired all the community's trust and became linked to university engineers -us cases stanford, boston - not  quite bard-ny-columbia-nyu

in the 1970s tropical village mothers in bangladesh and china faced the same life critical challenges and solution networks

half of infants under 5 were dying of diarrhea- fazle abed worked out how to get illiterate village mothers to apply oral rehydration - the solution connected last mile village health services - brac's para-health workers, china's barefoot medics - unicef james grant provided some of finance once he saw abed had an efficient way of peer to peer training village women- next grant and abed collaboeated on vaccinating rural nations

between 1970s and 1900s bangladesh and chinese village women shared about 10 solutions - can you name any better yet when chinese capitalism began in 1976 the country's leaders did not have a complete idea on what private businesses to licence when they saw bangladesh village mothers businesses they legislated this as one of the first 3 forms of chinese capitalism ; in the 2020s youth's sustainability will depend on chinese capitalism at community levels linking deep data at least in health and climate markets; whether this would have happened without abed spotting bangladesh and chinese poorest villagers need to share solutions so that billion asia and ended extreme poverty is a question you would need a more quantitative survey of barefoot chinese medics than we can supply below- meanwhile when abed launched brac university to celebrate the new century the crown jewel : the james grant school of public health and its continued connections with cholera network researchers melinda gates reviews as epicentral  

James P Grant School of Public Health | Brac University 



examples of barefoot chinese medics networkers lifelong contributions

1 ying lowrey went from barefoot chinese networking to degrees in usa and 25 years of supporting us small enterprises mentored by nobel economics professor phelps and by professor baumol ; 

..How much credit can be given to entrepreneurship for the unprecedented innovation and growth of free-enterprise economies? In this book, some of the world’s leading economists tackle this difficult and understudied question, and their responses shed new light on how free-market economies work — and what policies most encourage their growth.

The contributors take as their starting point William J. Baumol’s 2002 book The Free-Market Innovation Machine (Princeton), which argued that independent entrepreneurs are far more important to growth than economists have traditionally thought, and that an implicit partnership between such entrepreneurs and large corporations is critical to the success of market economies.

The contributors include the editors and Robert M. Solow, Kenneth J. Arrow, Michael M. Weinstein, Douglass C. North, Barry R. Weingast, Ying Lowrey, Nathan Rosenberg, Melissa A. Schilling, Corey Phelps, Sylvia Nasar, Boyan Jovanovic, Peter L. Rousseau, Edward N. Wolff, Deepak Somaya, David J. Teece, Naomi R. Lamoreaux, Kenneth L. Sokoloff, Yochanan Shachmurove, Ralph E. Gomory, Jonathan Eaton, Samuel S. Kortum, Alan S. Blinder, Robert J. Shiller, Burton G. Malkiel, and Edmund S. Phelps..

in late 2000s she retured to beijing where she was asked to develop their Small Medium Enterprise economics curricula- she was ordered to write up the case study of jack ma first - this became her book the alibaba way - the book discusses how english teacher/translator jack ma happened to be in seattle on his first us visit in 1995 when bezos launched amazon; over the next 15 years ma took the sme route to everything - eg taobao village university- no stock just the algorithms of supply and delivery chains; partnering with yahoo's yang and japans masa son; almost by accident alipay and  ant finance emerged too after ma had challenged bangladeshi financiers to creating the next 100 million livelihoods ; by 2017 ma was taking 20% share in brac's bkash; by sept 2019 jack ma had returned to his first vocation -education

2 the chen family were firends of abed and his first wife as described in martha's book on brc the quiet revolution- there the story of oral rehydration networking out of east pakistan cholera lab to brac and barefoot chinese medics is told; about 25 years later when sorois visited brac xmas 2006 to understand bracs barefoot tb networks, the vhen family were adked by soros to link the launch of brac usa out of new yourk with columbia university's mailman school; ironically about 130 years earlier the founder of bard university a soros new uni partner in new york state had helped fund medical faculties at columbia u and nyu

Monday, April 26, 2021

 while i have lived in dc i have been saddened by most thinktanks- of course as a scottish follower of how james wilson in 1843 used the royal society to gossip why queen victoria needed to end slavery and promote commonweath- there are 2 opposite segments od thinktanks - i very much admire Wang Huiyao ccg in beijing- where i attended an event there in 2018 there were 12 hours of 7 minute presentations made by people wanting worldwide youth to win-win on health, climate future of tech , livelihood education- i wish there was dc thinktank like that

-meanwhile you can youtube with some recent mediations of henry wang 

future of globalization: a flatter and deeper world? ——A conversation with Mr. Thomas L. Friedman

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