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Monday, December 27, 1999

this is probably the most joyful education summit intro we have ever heard since we started debating only education could save humans from extinction with our 1984 book 2025report edited at the economist

oxford and hong kong- 4 june 2021

Good afternoon - is a great pleasure to partner with the University of Oxford  and vice chancellor louise richardson to co-host the yidan prize series Europe 2021

Today we have an interesting program with excellent speakers and this is also an occasion to celebrate the achievements of our 2020 yidan prize laureates

Stanford professor carl wieman for his global scale model changing joy of stem -science technolgy engineering maths - education

And camfed’s leadership duo for empowering young women leaders across africa

We have also established the council of luninaries in dec 2020

The luminaries  come from their leading roles in different disciplines of education - they have been sharing great insights and engaged in intellectual debates of the most pressing issues in education
We aim to recognise the most innovative research and practices in education; we encourage education leaders from around the world to collaborate more closely when it come to innovation – focusing on creating sustainable social value and transforming experience for future generations; successful innovations in education are those that are scalable and have the power to deliver system change
In the past year I have seen many education innovate solutions sparked by the challenging circumstances of the pandemic – we must take the lesson, learn from the last year and shape what education will look like in the future- the world is changing very quickly – the pandemic has surfaced great challenges whether for developed or developing countries – it's highlighted gaps in education globally from access to inclusions to the digital divide- we need to look beyond the horizon and be ready to deal with the unexpected
Education is the ultimate driving force for social progress – despite of all: education never stops . communication collaboration and action must move forward- we are all connected – and it is time to pool our efforts together- people and collectively our society need wisdom from educators such as I hope you are---different innovative approaches can come together and
 Generate more intellectual exchanges, inspire more collaborations and deliver a deeper impact - this view can energise more educators policy makers, social entrepreneurs and prompt stakeholders- to push for progress in our society to tackle existing issues and challenges and to prove that positivity and humanity are crucial for building a better place for everyone
and I also hope there will be useful takeaways from this summit that can be turned into meaningful actions

I have great expectations from todays discussion- I wish you all an enjoyable time

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